Its very easy to get listed, simply follow these steps:-

1) Print and complete the following PDF and email it back to us at 


You may take a photograph with your smartphone of the completed document and send it to us that way if you prefer.

( Please do not forget to spell your IG handle/username properly. Take note of all the underscores and spaces if your handle should contain them.)

 2) Sit back and wait for the confirmation of listing email, Thats it ;-)



 What you can expect:

-Your page will be grouped per area & per category. (eg Art & Gauteng)

-Once a week you will appear in the “Features” or “Deals” section, and will have options to display featured products.

-We will configure your listing to your search preference (eg If a visitor searches “cakes, Kzn”, you will appear in the search results.

-Other sites charge up to R 599 PER listing and is only visible for 4 weeks, for just R 199/month, we will bring you or all your products to the fingertips of everyone.

-Get in touch with us for advanced advertising i.e Banners, slides on random pages etc.

Everyone has an IG page, we are the Directory!